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Boat Upholstery Care Products

Boat Upholstery Cleaning & Maintenance products for Skai Vinyl and leather.

With the passing of years, leather has replaced interior finishing on most boats. This nobel and luxurious material requires regulat maintenance otherwise it hardens and cracks. Moreover, the ultraviolet rays and saline environment alter its quality. If you use a product which is water based, ot is very likely that you will damage you leather and make it hard. This is why our manufactureres have developed a series of products for cleaning and maintaining your upholstery.

Degrease Cuir and Cuir Mousse are products are applied with a soft sponge to remove strong stains using rotating motion. You than pass a wet sponge to remove the product and wipe using a soft rag. Itis not necessary to rinse.

To prevent aging of leather, we advise you to protect it by applying Cuir 9. If using this product after Degreas Cuir, you must let the leather dry before applying. You apply Cuir 9 onto a clean non abrahsive rag, using very small amount of the product. Spread it out on you lather item and finish by cleaning off using a clean rag to give it back the brightness it ince had.  

To clean Skai or Vinyl, we have an excellent product called Suplean. This product removes dirt, mildew and grease stains from all kinds of vinyl and at the same time keeping it soft. It does not streak, stain or discolour vinyl or skai. It cleans deeply the pores of any skai or vinyl seats and upholstery.